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Why Consider An Outdoor Kitchen?

Why Consider an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen normally includes a grill, sink, refrigerator and plenty of counter space. Besides acting as another way to enjoy cooking on your deck, there are other benefits that leave outdoor kitchen pros wondering how they ever managed without this prime piece of hardscape. Here are six outdoor kitchen benefits in Los Angeles, CA that you could enjoy if you add this feature to your yard:

  • More space: If you ever wanted more space for cooking, serving or socializing, an outdoor kitchen is your solution. This space doubles as a dining area, entertainment zone and living room, which can keep people out of the way of your main kitchen. Outdoor kitchens also offer additional cooking space for those extra-large meals. You are basically doubling or tripling the space available to create and entertain.
  • Convenience: When grilling, there is often a balance between checking on side dishes cooking indoors and making sure you do not overcook meat on the grill outside. This balancing act will be no more with an outdoor kitchen! With the right design, you can grill and prepare side dishes in one place outdoors. You can keep fresh ingredients close by in a mini-fridge, and later fill it with beer for further festivities. The back-and-forth between outdoor and indoor space greatly diminishes when you can enjoy kitchen features outdoors.
  • Fits any yard: Outdoor kitchens are versatile. They are designed to fit the space you have, and are easy to customize. You can choose any appliances you desire and do everything possible to make your outdoor kitchen as comfortable as your indoor one. There is no one “right” way to do an outdoor kitchen—only what works best for you. We can find outdoor cooking solutions that fit your space and your budget!
  • Easy cleaning: Anyone who has kids or hosts parties knows how difficult it is to remove barbecue sauce from carpets or deal with every wine or beer stain. These sticky stains have no major impact when you dine outdoors. You never have to fear the mess, whether you are cooking or eating. Fix a meal, enjoy it and then merely send the spills away with your garden hose.
  • Improved resale value: Outdoor kitchens are popular and offer a higher rate of return on your investment. If you’re selling your home soon and want it to stand out to potential buyers, an outdoor kitchen will do the trick. Since outdoor appliances are made of stainless steel, they will stand up to the elements and remain a shining factor for buyers even years into the future.
  • Reduced utility bills: Air conditioning makes cooking indoors less miserable than in times past. However, running your stove or oven activates your AC into high gear, and that raises your utility bills. Cooking outdoors keeps your AC from working overtime and you can fry, roast or bake without worrying about raising indoor temperatures. In addition to return on investment, this becomes another way your outdoor kitchen will pay for itself!

RainforestLA, Inc. has brought outdoor kitchen benefits to households throughout Los Angeles, CA since 2001. If you’d like to see what outdoor kitchen pros enjoy every time they cook, call us today to get a free quote for your outdoor kitchen.

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