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When The Sun Goes Down…

When the Sun Goes Down…

You’ve shrunk your bank account by a good hundreds or thousands of dollars to create the most appealing and comforting retreat coupled with an enticing outdoor space; a space with lush green trees, colorful flowers beautified with excellent stone work and hard scape. However, the only problem being that as the sun bids “Good Night”, all this beauty turns into a patch of darkness where neither the trees nor the beauty can be seen.

Well; this does not mean that the space must be flooded with excess light from a flood light, which illuminates even the darkest corners and make the smallest shrubs visible. All you need for illumination as well as appeal is a great lighting scheme with the right lights placed in the right way, which not only ensure safety and security, but also add appeal to your “artistically-done” outdoor space.

So, a good lighting scheme is an essential part of landscaping, Los Angeles.

Light it Right

Here are the hallmarks of a well-lit outdoor space, which maintain the appeal of the landscape even after the Sun goes down.

  • A well-lit pathway where one can find the way is a must. However, it’s not the only objective of outdoor lighting. Sparsely lit pathways and driveways is a strict “No-No”. Landscape lighting is more about the creation of a mood, a unique appeal that significantly distinguishes the space in the day from the space at night.
  • It is essential to determine the points to be illuminated at the onset. Do you want to highlight some features, example a vintage-looking wall of the house, the stone work in the yard, the patio space? If yes, lay down the points before planning the lighting scheme.
  • Appealing lighting is an essential of landscaping, Los Angeles. However, we cannot neglect the essentials like the pathways, driveways, corners, which are capable of hiding thieves, causing trips and falls, etc. So, couple the essentials with the appeal tastefully.
  • Simply installing lights near the plants, walls of the house, windows etc. is not it. Outdoor lighting must be done artistically to bring home beauty and appeal. Therefore, DIY lighting is a bad idea. Hire professional landscaping contractors to illuminate the outdoor space with elegance and art.
  • LED landscape lighting gets a big nod; thanks to its longevity and versatility.
  • A single kind of light does not make for a visual treat. Bring in the visual appeal with varieties including accent lights, task lights, spot lights and so on.
  • Control light pollution with the outside light. Ensure that the outdoor lighting from the neighbor’s home or the streets do not obstruct or hamper the beauty of your outdoor lighting.
  • Thanks to the busy lifestyle, you may not have the time to turn the lights on and off with the movement of the Sun. A smart idea is to set timers for the lights.
  • Determine the theme, whether you want cross lighting, upward lighting or downward lighting in the outdoor space.  A theme will ensure bringing in the right appeal with appropriate illumination.

So, brighten up the darkness with the best varieties of outdoor lighting placed artistically by the best landscaping companies in Los Angeles.

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