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WhatchaCookin’?: Creating An Outdoor Kitchen

WhatchaCookin’?: Creating an Outdoor Kitchen


One of the largest pieces of hardscape one can install is an outdoor kitchen. Installing an additional kitchen is an exciting but involved process. There are many decisions to be made before throwing that first outdoor party with your newest piece of Los Angeles hardscape.

The Basics: How we build your kitchen will be largely based on the cooking options you choose. Those wishing to keep a more woodsy feel may simply choose a large fire pit. Rotisserie and skewer items work well over fire pits. Of course, s’mores are a must by the fire. You can also elect to install an outdoor oven and stove. If you take this route, you can cook outside anything you’d cook inside.

You’ll also want to consider including an ice machine if you’ll be building a bar space to mix up cocktail magic. Some sort of refrigerator is suggested to prevent the constant back and forth between the indoor and outdoor kitchens. Meats and vegetables will spoil quickly on a hot day, and having to go back inside to retrieve items defeats the purpose of an outdoor kitchen. This will also help keep guests in the entertainment area since they won’t have to go back inside for a cool drink.


Adequate sink space is vital in an outdoor kitchen. Just as you would inside, you need plenty of room to wash veggies and dishes. Don’t forget to consider counter space, too, so you can prepare food and serve it buffet style to guests if you wish. Rainforest LA is the best landscaping company in LA to help you create your vision and bring it to life while keeping functionality in mind.

Bar Space: Most people who install an outdoor kitchen also add an outdoor bar. Adults can sip alcoholic drinks while they relax poolside and enjoy a nice meal prepared by the host. Children will spend the entire day outside if they have access to water, juice, and soda. You can flair up the kids’ drinks with fun straws and fruits at the bar area. They’ll love feeling like one of the adults! You may find your new passion as an amateur bartender as you mix up new concoctions. The bar space can also double as an eating space if you simply add some weather-friendly bar stools.

Seating: If you plan on using your kitchen to throw outdoor dinner parties, guests will need somewhere to sit. A small family may be fine with some bar stools seated near the bar, but larger groups will require some sort of table. You can opt for an outdoor table with chairs or use a long picnic table for family-style dining. Dining areas require seating appropriate for potential spills and drops. Consider adding some informal seating so guests can keep an eye on any swimming children or just enjoy the beauty of the pool.

Ask the best landscaping company in LA to improve the functionality of your home with an outdoor kitchen. We’ll meet with you to figure out how we can add an outdoor kitchen to your already-existing LA landscape features. By adding a kitchen to your outdoor oasis, you’ll enjoy more quality time outside with friends and family.


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