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What Is Sustainable Landscaping?

What Is Sustainable Landscaping?

These days, more people than ever before are taking the time to consider their environmental footprint. In a world besieged by climate change, the choices we make regarding the details of our daily routine can have a far-reaching impact. For example, you may not realize it, but your beloved lawn and garden could be a significant drain on the environment.

If you want to strike a blow on behalf of the planet, it’s time to think about sustainable landscaping in Los Angeles, CA. This simple choice can be both environmentally friendly and stunning to behold.

Sustainable landscaping in a nutshell

It’s tough to nail down a specific definition of “sustainable landscaping,” because the look of a sustainable property will change depending on where you’re located. For example, here in Los Angeles, a sustainable garden might be stocked with various towering palm trees and native flowers like gorgeous violet jacaranda, the bird of paradise (the city’s official flower) or fragrant jasmine.

The idea with sustainable landscaping is to craft a space meant to work in harmony with the surrounding environment. Sustainable landscaping takes into account the local wildlife, rainfall and air quality to ensure your landscape is stocked with native plants that will look beautiful and stand up to conditions year-round.

As you can imagine, there are numerous benefits to investing in self-sustaining landscaping in Los Angeles, CA.

Low maintenance costs

Whether you’re getting out and playing in the dirt yourself or you’re hiring a professional to maintain your lawn, you will quickly discover that sustainable landscaping is much easier and less resource-intensive than a regular garden. In many instances, a sustainable garden is actually self-regulating, which means you’ll need to do very little to keep it looking fantastic.

Reduce your water consumption

Anyone who’s spent time in Los Angeles understands the importance (and value) of every drop of water used in the area. In local yards that resort to large stretches of grass in place of a more sustainable solution, homeowners and lawn care experts use countless gallons of water keeping them in good shape.

When you transition your yard to a sustainable option, your lawn care expert will choose flowers and trees that are meant to thrive even in Los Angeles’ dryer conditions. That means you won’t have to spend your time watering, and you can say goodbye to outrageous monthly water bills.

Your sustainable solution

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of sustainable landscaping in Los Angeles, CA, there’s no better team to trust than the pros at RainforestLA, Inc.

Since 2001, we’ve worked to expand the use of green and energy-efficient materials in the world of landscaping and hardscaping. Let our talented team of designers and contractors transform your outdoor space into a sustainable beacon of beauty you’ll never want to leave.

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, the pros at RainforestLA, Inc. can custom design an area that meets your requirement. Want a fire pit? A fence? An outdoor kitchen? A patio? We can do all of that and so much more. Call today to discuss your ideas!

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