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What Is Drought Tolerant Landscaping, And Why Should You Consider It?

What Is Drought Tolerant Landscaping, and Why Should You Consider It?

As more and more industries go green in various ways, the landscaping field is right there with them. Customers are intrigued by the concept of drought tolerant landscaping in Los Angeles, CA and how it can help them achieve their aesthetic and environmental goals. In fact, the benefits are more widespread than you might even initially believe. There are financial benefits to going green with your landscaping, and you may be pleasantly surprised with how much better you feel about your property and its horticulture once you’ve fully pursued this avenue. We are pleased to present a brief breakdown of this exciting area of landscaping.

What is drought tolerant landscaping?

Simply put, drought tolerant landscaping is using plants in drier regions that are accustomed to periods of dryness, including prolonged ones. This type of sustainable landscaping in Los Angeles, CA is especially important as periods of drought become more and more common. Many drought tolerant plants are actually native to these regions anyway, and using native plants in a landscaping design is always a worthy goal for landscapers and clients.

Our team of experts can take you through your many options for drought tolerant plantings. Our experts at RainforestLA, Inc. know that a drought tolerant design does not limit your options for color or aesthetics, and in fact can reveal more beauty than you ever thought possible.

The terminology for drought tolerant landscaping is also varied—you may hear terms like “water smart,” “dry garden,” “dry landscaping” and “desert landscaping,” among others.

What are some benefits?

There are a number of benefits to using drought tolerant landscaping in Los Angeles, CA, but first and foremost, you are doing your part by using less water. Our region can be prone to drought, so only using water as necessary is socially responsible and easier on your wallet.

Additionally, these plants mean that less maintenance is required. If you are using drought tolerant plants in a region where they’ve become used to a lack of water, they are pretty much “set it and forget it.” They know how to tolerate the conditions of the region already, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not your wonderful new plants will “take” to wherever you’ve planted them.

Natural beauty on your property

Also, introducing native, drought tolerant plans gives you the chance to have more beautiful designs than you had ever thought possible. An abundance of color options exists when using these fantastic plantings, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing that they are both sustainable and suitable for the climate that you live in.
The benefits of drought tolerant landscaping are varied and clear. It’s possible to create a wonderful vision for your garden that is affordable, healthy for the environment and a beautiful talking point full of color and life. Give RainforestLA, Inc. a call today and we can help talk you through the many ways in which drought tolerant landscaping in Los Angeles, CA could be the best decision you might ever make for your property.

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