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Watering The Greens “Thriftily”

Watering the Greens “Thriftily”

With smart irrigation methods, you can not only water your lawns and gardens efficiently, but also save water.

Acute water shortage has opened all our ears, hands and others towards saving even the last drop of water. No more can we stand and watch the leaking tap, overflowing buckets and of course, excess water in the green landscape too. With changing times, we need a change in landscaping, Los Angeles too. Yes, greenery is essential, and water is a must for greenery. However, with smart irrigation methods in landscaping, Los Angeles, we can avoid letting the water flow down the drain or evaporate.

Going the Smart way

Two smart irrigation systems popularly used are the drip line irrigation and the sprinkler irrigation. The good news is that both of these can be designed and installed in an existing or new landscape. However, there is no universal, tailor-made solution for irrigating landscapes. Every garden and lawn has unique irrigation requirements.

Here’s more about these irrigation methods, which will help you understand which is best suited for your landscape in a way that irrigates your “green area” efficiently yet saves “precious” water.

Dripping Drop by drop

Drip irrigation line is a network of tubes, emitters and valves, which irrigate the specific source such as the soil surface and root zone. The emitters deliver water slowly at the source, thus, saving the excess water that often flows away into the hardscape, surrounding soil or street.

Another form of drip irrigation is sub surface irrigation. Here, the irrigation goes underground, thus, saving the excess water that gets evaporated.

Complement this irrigation system with a proper timer and water meter to ensure optimum water usage coupled with efficient irrigation for your lush, green lawns and gardens.

Some other benefits of this irrigation method are:

  • As the water is delivered only at the intended target, growth of weeds is restricted.
  • It is good for uneven landscapes.
  • Soil erosion is restricted.
  • Fertilizer run-off is controlled
  • Ensures equal water distribution.

Sprinkling the Greens

While on a drive or a walk into the greens, you would have observed sprinkler irrigation systems irrigating lush, green large spaces. You cannot miss the sight of these, which seem more or less like rainfall irrigating large landscapes. They also have smart head nozzles, used to break water into smaller drops, which is then sprayed across the greens, thus, saving water.

Here are some benefits of this irrigation system.

  • In conjunction with timers, the sprinkler system can be automated.
  • It is efficient for large areas where keeping the soil hydrated is equally essential.
  • It is a great substitute in places with minimum rainfall.
  • The spray patterns can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Therefore, both the irrigation systems are smart and efficient. However, the sprinkler system is just right for large commercial properties, while the drip line system is perfect for the lawns in our outdoor space.

So, invite a professional to install one in your garden and enjoy the benefits of smart irrigation coupled with optimum utilization of the “limited” water resources.   

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