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Top Ten Water Saving Tips For Your Irrigation Systems

Top Ten Water Saving Tips For Your Irrigation Systems

When it comes to preserving your landscape, irrigation is sort of mandatory. It not only saves your natural resources but also saves your time and money. Wondering how? Well, using efficient irrigation systems help in lowering your water bill and reducing wasteful runoff. Now you can save water wisely and at the same time maintain the aesthetic beauty of your landscape. The key to an effective irrigation system is to apply enough water, but only when necessary.

Here is a list of to-dos in order to save water and upgrade your automatic irrigation system:

  1. Adapt your schedule of watering as per the weather and the season. Get used to the settings on your irrigation controller, and adjust your watering program in accordance with the current climate.
  2. You ought to schedule each individual zone in your irrigation system. ‘Scheduling’ means taking into account the kind of sprinkler, soil type and sun or shade exposure for your area.
  3. Monthly inspection of your irrigation system is important. You can hire a professional for checking your irrigation system for broken or clogged heads, leakages and other such problems. There are many reputed companies all over USA who provide landscape services.
  4. Another important point to keep in mind is adjusting your sprinkler heads. Check if there are any obstructions so as to prevent uneven distribution of water from the sprinklers or spraying water on the pavements or structures.
  5. Get your irrigation system audited by a landscape company. Get an audit and uniformity test conducted by professionals so as to make sure that watering is uniformly performed.
  6. Be tech smart. Use sensor-based controllers on your irrigation system so as to evaluate climate and soil conditions.
  7. Install a rain-shutoff switch. It is not only economic but can be fitted to almost all kinds of irrigation systems. These turn off your system during the rainy season.
  8. Low-volume drip irrigation systems for plant beds and micro irrigation for trees, gardens and shrubs will benefit you in ways unimaginable.
  9. Water your plants during an optimum climate, when the sun is low, winds are not blowing and the temperature is cool. The best time is between evening and early morning. This will cut down on evaporation and runoff, saving water all the more.
  10. Water only when needed. Once the roots are saturated, wait for the soil to dry up. Overwatering often leads to runoff and flooding.

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