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Tips To Save Money On Landscape Remodeling

Tips to save money on landscape remodeling


It is a must to plan on your landscape, or else you might end up burning a hole in your pocket. Irrespective of whether it is a new garden or the makeover of the already existing one, prior planning and research are a must for a smooth job.

You may be preparing for a new garden in your backyard. Or it might be a remodeling plan to give the landscape a new look. In either case, budget remains a major issue that hits and often seeks for last minute changes in plan or even cancellation in some cases. In Los Angeles, landscape plans could use some tips to cut on the cost and make your property look luxurious and feel functional.

Ways to save money on landscape designs and arrangements:


  • Don’t throw away, reuse it


Avoid the temptation to discard and replace everything in your existing landscape. Reuse and repurpose the possible stuffs like bricks, fences and perennials, to name a few.


  • Don’t fight the contours of your garden, embrace them


If you have a slippery slope in your landmark, don’t try to move the soil, but plant vines and trees on them.


  • Swap plants with your neighbors


To save money on plants, you can ask your neighbor for a clump of bearded iris and in return offer some of your salvia. Or plan a neighborhood get-together to exchange plants in greater quantities.


  • Control and compromise with your choice


Don’t try to go for something that would demand for high maintenance.


  • A temporary pathway


If you can’t afford stone pavers or brick right away, lay out the path where it wants it to be and pave it with a placeholder such as pea gravel.


  • Look out for a lush future


Sow seeds on small pots and start plants from cuttings – and in few years your garden will look as robust and healthy as if you started with bigger, more expensive plants


  • Go for second hand finds


Go and find vintage gates, weathered bricks, old fence boards, stone troughs etc from junkyard and vintage shops to use them in your landscape.

If you want to give your landscapes a makeover as per your budget without feeling the pinch in your pocket, Rainforest LA might be the perfect solution for it. Contact to request for a free estimate.

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