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Tips For Summer Care Of Lawns

Tips for Summer Care of Lawns

Summer is right around the corner and the greens are the first ones to suffer due to the harsh sunlight and increasing temperatures. However, proper summer care can keep the lawn healthy, lush, and green. Here are some tips for summer care of lawns.  

Barbecues, burgers, hot dogs, dips in the pool, sun bathing, and the bright sunshine are the characteristics of the summer months. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Summer Care for Lawns

However, homeowners with lawns and landscapes face the challenge of caring for their lawn and garden to keep it looking fresh and healthy. What’s more, as people spend more time outdoors, the garden, and landscape need some additional care.

So, here are some tips for summer maintenance of your Los Angeles landscape.

  • The increasing temperatures rob the water from the greens. However, this does not mean that the garden must be watered every few hours. Frequent watering results in shallow roots, which are less resistant to droughts and more prone to diseases. So, water them less, but deep.
  • Ideally, plants must be watered at a time when the sun is not harsh and does not rob the moisture away. Early morning is the best time to water plants.
  • Spreading a mulch of 2-3 inches above the soil; trees, flower beds, and shrubs holds the moisture and keeps the roots cool.   
  • Postponing mowing in the summer months is a bad idea. Mow often, but keep the blades long. Longer grass blades have deeper roots and are therefore more resistant to drought.
  • Summer months are defined by water shortage. To save water, remember to pull out the extra growth of weeds without delay. Else, they steal the water otherwise used by the other plants.
  • Moreover, with the advice of a professional, you can grow the right plants that are appropriate for the warm season.

With professional advice and care by the experts at Rain Forest LA, you can ensure a lush, green landscape and lawn even in the warm months.

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