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Three Great Pergola Ideas For Your Yard

Three Great Pergola Ideas For Your Yard

Pergolas are one of our favorite things to build at Rainforest LA. They’re simple and easy, but they’re also elegant and useful. Functionally, most pergolas only serve to provide a middling amount of shade from the sun. But from a design standpoint, they draw attention to themselves and achieve a very important purpose — being a rallying point for visitors in your yard.

Pergolas naturally draw people to them, and they’re often used as a beacon to establish a gathering spot. This is great for homes who frequently have visitors, friends, and family over — the backyard ends up having a natural flow to it. Do you have any of the following areas in your backyard? Consider adding a pergola!

A Corner Conversation Area

There’s no yard that couldn’t benefit from a nice little lounging area at the corner of the yard. By implementing a corner-style sectional couch, perhaps a footrest or ottoman in the middle, you have a great little area where people can pull themselves aside to have a moment of relaxation or conversation. Unlike some of the other items on your list, this probably won’t be the main gathering area of your yard. But, with a pergola overhead, it says to visitors, “come to me if you need to rest.” This is a great respite if your yard frequently hosts busy gatherings. In the midst of a hectic family BBQ, the corner pergola area offers some quiet peace.

A BBQ Palace

What good is a backyard gathering if you can’t enjoy some delicious grilled meat? If you’re the type of person who barbecues every chance you get, then you’ll benefit from having a dedicated BBQ “palace” in your yard. Consider installing a hardscaped area with a built-in grill, and then put a nice pergola over it and it becomes a de-facto gathering spot in your yard. Not only that, you’ll enjoy the precious shade on those hot days when you’re the one working the grill!

A Poolside Lounge

There are two types of people who come to a pool — those who want to swim, and those who want to relax in the sun. And let’s face it, recliner chairs just don’t cut it. Why not install a poolside relaxation area instead? The pergola overhead won’t block you from the sun completely, but it will also ensure you don’t get roasted. Do your kids love playing around in the water? Kick back on a luxurious couch while you keep an eye on them.

Pergola and Deck Landscaping Design in Los Angeles

These are just three ideas. In reality, there are countless more, and we’d love to help you think of some that are uniquely tailored for your yard. Every single home is different, and what works for one person may not be ideal for another. That’s why we offer free consultations at Rainforest LA. We’ve been serving LA and the surrounding regions for over 20 years, and one thing that -has always been consistent is the satisfaction of our clients. Are you ready to transform your home landscaping? Contact us today.

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