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The Value Of 3D Landscape Designs

The Value of 3D Landscape Designs

When you work with a landscaper, chances are, they’ll at least sketch out their vision for your yard so that you can visualize and make any necessary adjustments. Sketches are helpful, but the future is in 3D landscape designs in Los Angeles, CA. These valuable tools make it even easier to imagine what your yard could look like, complete with color, texture, depth and dimension. When you’re searching for your landscaping contractor, be sure to ask if they offer 3D renderings. Here are some of the benefits of 3D landscaping designs in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Easier to visualize: Two-dimensional drawings or blueprints are helpful, but they can’t compare to a 3D rendering. 2D drawings are like a map to your backyard—yes, you know where the fruitless mulberry tree is going and how the poppies border the patio, but can you really picture it? It’s hard to get a sense of how your yard will look and function from flat renderings. 3D designs make it much easier to see where the shade will fall and other important considerations.
  • Understand how each element interacts: A good landscape designer knows how to ensure that each element of your yard works together to create a cohesive look and/or function. With 3D renderings, not only will you be able to get a better idea of their vision, but the software features will give you an idea of depth, dimension and how the plants complement each other.
  • Make easy adjustments: If there’s something in your design that you’re not wild about, it’s easier to adjust and show you what the new design would look like, rather than having to render sketches or blueprints by hand. This gives homeowners a greater sense of control and agency over their yards.
  • Day and night viewing: Your yard will look much different depending on the time of day, especially if you’re adding lighting elements. 3D rendering software allows your landscape designer to show you what you can expect from your yard at any time, including where the light will come from, how the plants will shade certain areas of your property and how the lighting elements will highlight or conceal certain parts of your yard.
  • See it from all angles: Finally, 3D landscape designs offer you the opportunity to “view” your potential yard design from every possible angle, rather than taking your designer’s word for it. You can look around the property from all vantage points—if a tree will block your view when you’re sitting on the patio, you’ll find that out before it’s planted. This serves both the client and the designer—the better you’re able to picture the yard, the more likely it will be that everyone is happy in the end.

The value of 3D landscaping design in Los Angeles, CA can’t be overstated. It’s an effective way to make sure everyone is on the same page—and chances are, you’ll be even more excited after seeing the renderings.

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