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The Lowdown Of Drip Irrigation & Sprinkler Irrigation

The Lowdown of Drip Irrigation & Sprinkler Irrigation

One of the critical components involved in making a home look beautiful is to have a beautiful lawn. Lush greenery in front of a home really makes it seem that much more welcoming and a pleasant place to be. When you move into your new home you will also try your best to keep it as well maintained as possible, but as time will go by you will find it difficult to do it yourself as other responsibilities will start to creep in.

However, just because work and your family life will distract you from taking care of your lawn, that doesn’t mean you are completely helpless! There are two popular systems of irrigation which you can check out: the drip line and the sprinkler.

Both of these systems are really effective at maintaining the quality of your lawn. If you are one of those DIYers who likes to grow their own produce then these systems can help you to improve the productivity of your produce garden as well! However, many people get confused between these two methods and are not sure which one would be appropriate for their homes.

The drip irrigation system involves burying a drip tap under the surface. The drip system is perfect for the produce which you are growing in a row. The drip system also helps to reach the very root of the crop. As it reaches the very roots of the plant this reduce the amount of water which gets wasted. This also results in a lesser amount of weeds being produced as well. It can also be used in lawns which are irregularly shaped. However, there are a few disadvantages to using these systems: the initial cost of installation and use is high, and if they get damaged it can cost a tidy sum to fix as well.

The sprinkler system distributes water more or less evenly across a certain area by using high pressure sprinklers. The sprinkler method of irrigation is recommended if you are more mindful of your wallet and want to save money while still ensuring that your field gets the water it need to thrive. However, while they can be easy to use and have a high efficiency rate, they are also subject to the elements and a high wind drift can damage the distribution pattern and cause wastage of water.

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