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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Landscaping

The Do’s and Don’ts of Landscaping

When deciding the theme of your landscape, many things are to be kept in mind. What your family’s activities are, how flexible your budget is, what impression does the architecture of your home give, so on and so forth. Also, whether you’re seeking a quiet outdoor retreat, a space for hosting barbeques, or a backyard bocce ball tournament, there is a lot that goes into the task of landscaping. Los Angeles landscape companies can do the job for you, but you’ve got certain tasks on your part too.
Follow these universal landscaping do’s and don’ts and avoid landscaping mishaps that you’re going to regret for a long, long time:
1. Excessive lawn ornamentation –Too many decorative and fancy items on the front yard can be a distraction from the natural beauty of the landscape. Make sure you don’t overdo it.
2. Planting in the wrong place – It is often the case that people place their plants in improper places. A consequence of which can be that some plants are deprived of the sunlight and exposure they need.
3. Planting too deeply – Planting a tree too deeply will kill it in no time. This is because this way, air cannot reach the root system, thus killing it.
4. Not paying attention to the view from your window – When working on the outside of the house, many people forget to consider the view from the inside. You must place your containers where you think best fit and then go inside and look from all the angles. It should give a paintinglike impression, only then can you say your landscape looks marvelous.
5. Picking the wrong plants – Many people pick a plant simply because it looks pretty. That is a huge mistake. Give it a minute and think about whether or not it goes with your theme.
6. Scattered color – Too much color devoid of harmony can be a distraction and sometimes unpleasant to look at.
7. Overlooking maintenance – Many people tend to forget about maintaining their gardens. This is a huge DON’T because plants need long term and consistent maintenance. Take good care of your garden.
Of course, besides avoiding the don’ts, and doing the exact opposite, you can do and incorporate some things to enhance your landscape.
1. Make a detailed plan – Instead of rushing to purchase materials and decorations for landscaping, you must first create a sensible plan. Take out time and sketch the fixed features in your house; the house itself, walkways, pools, driveway and other permanent structures and features. Include all important considerations in this plan and proceed accordingly.
2. Pay attention to the curb appeal – It is, in fact, the front yard everyone sees. Money spent on curb appeal is a good investment.
3. Plan for low maintenance – As mentioned previously, maintenance cannot be overlooked. However, for most of us, time is limited. So create a landscape that meets your time requirements.
4. Do take advantage of the free stuff – It has been recommended that a new homeowner should spend 5%-15% of the home’s value on landscaping. That will make for a pretty pricey yard in a hurry. What you can do is, use a little resourcefulness and opt for the free or less expensive plants and garden accessories.
Landscaping in Los Angeles can be a tough call, but you’ve got nothing to lose! Except of course, how much more incredible your home could have looked!

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