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The Basics Of Good Commercial Landscape Designs

The Basics of Good Commercial Landscape Designs

Most people devote their thinking about landscaping to the features that are near their homes. It’s only logical—you want your house to look great, and the areas around your home are the most apparent to your eyes. However, if you’re responsible for a business, you want to make sure that it’s putting its best foot forward in terms of curb appeal, and a quality commercial landscaping design package is a great way to go about that.

At RainforestLA, Inc, we’re happy to put our years of expertise to use by providing helpful commercial landscaping tips in Los Angeles, CA like the ones we’ve outlined below—feel free to give us a call to schedule a consultation any time!

Think of it as branding

The outside of your building is going to be the first thing most of your customers see when they start to interact with your business, so you want it to send the right message. Choosing commercial landscape designs in Los Angeles, CA starts with an understanding of who you are and the messages that you want to send to both prospective and existing vendors and customers.

For example, if you are the proud owner of a calming massage company or spa, then you’ll want to project a “Zen”-like feeling of calm with your plant selections. If you’re focused on sustainability, then you want native plantings to abound, and so on and so forth. The opportunities to brand your business with landscaping are endless, and our team at RainforestLA, Inc. has the expertise to help you out.

Landscaping can be a traffic cop

If you think about it, landscaping can really help dictate behavior and flow. Where plantings and grasses are situated gives you the chance to determine how people interact with your space, so use this to your advantage. Commercial landscaping tips in Los Angeles, CA can oftentimes be focused on this type of seemingly obvious observation, but it stands to reason that you can use landscaping to dictate the type of entry experience your customers have. This is a very powerful tool to have at your disposal.

Conservation and sustainability

As mentioned above, one great commercial landscaping tip in Los Angeles, CA related to sustainability is to use native plantings. This can go a long way towards projecting the type of company that you aspire to be to customers, while also helping to conserve water. If you plant correctly, you can also give yourself a great amount of shade all over your property, which can help with heating and cooling costs. Big leafy plants can block the sun and ensure that your air conditioning bills don’t go through the roof in the summertime.

Working with commercial landscaping is what we do for a living at RainforestLA, Inc., and we have the skills and expertise that can make your business send the right messages to the right people. Landscaping is a big part of the perception that you give to customers, so you want to make sure you do it right. Give us a call any time and we can make sure you’re achieving what you want to achieve using landscaping as the powerful tool that it is!

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