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Some Useful Landscaping And Hardscaping Tips

Some Useful Landscaping and Hardscaping Tips

Summary: Creating that perfect landscape in your residential property is a time consuming affair and requires proper planning. This article gives you a brief account on how to go about decorating your residential and commercial property.

Before you hire a professional to design your landscape, it is essential that you chalk out a proper plan as to how you wish to decorate it. A preplanned design always turns out to be perfect and saves a lot of money as well as time. You can study the environmental conditions and decide how you wish to proceed with beautifying your landscape and giving it that subtle touch of an aesthetic appeal.

A thorough inspection and analysis of the site is necessary to determine the climate- whether it is at all suitable for the kind of plantations you want. Soil type plays a major role in this. It is always advisable to go for plantations that will go with the soil type. Although soil can be amended, this is a very costly procedure and many a times ineffective. Attention must be paid to those particular areas where plants are not growing well and proper adjustments must be made when you are choosing new plants.

Temperature is also an important factor that should be taken into consideration. Make sure that your plants are able to endure the average high and average low temperatures of the region.  The sun and shade patterns are also to be taken into account.

Measure and note the patios, sidewalks or driveways, and it is better to hire a surveyor than to guess the location of the boundaries on your own. Planning your budget while laying out a design is equally important. Try and be practical about your affordability. Your budget encompasses the cost of materials used, installation and maintenance charges. There are many different landscape themes. Decide which one you wish to opt for. You can look into gardening books and magazines for inspiration, but do not opt for a very complex design. They no doubt look great in pictures and are the best when it comes to designs- the very reason why they have been published.

You can opt for either a geometric theme, or a naturalistic theme. Both these themes are combined at times to give your landscape an ethereal charm. For example, geometric shapes may be used for the hardscapes, and naturalistic shapes may be used for the plantings. Themes can also represent a particular time, place, culture, or a feeling, that of tranquility or calmness. Traditional architectural types may also be used if you are greatly inspired by the Italian, French, Spanish or Middle Eastern. They are more formal when compared to American, English, or Oriental Styles.

When you are using hardscape to create spaces, use the same construction material as used in the house to maintain a sense of continuity from the house to the garden. There are many landscaping companies who can guide you in your choice of a suitable hardscape in Los Angeles.

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