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Solutions For Small Spaces

Solutions for Small Spaces

h43Many landscaping ideas are created with large backyards or commercial spaces in mind. In Los Angeles landscaping, space can be limited as some neighborhoods lack space between homes. There are plenty of ways to beautify your outdoor space, even if it’s on the smaller side.

Just like you do in your home, you want to create a focal point in your outdoor space as well. A great way to do this is by building a pergola. Pergolas attract the eye and can be built up rather than out- perfect for areas with little space. A bonus of pergolas is that many herbs, fruits, and vegetables can be trained to grow vertically. By combining Los Angeles landscape and hardscape features, you create an interesting mix of natural and man made features to adorn your outdoor space. Another way to create a focal point is to center a few outdoor chairs near a short fountain. Keeping the fountain short is key to avoid conversing guests straining to see and hear one another. The sound of water flowing through the fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere. A fire pit will create both a seating area and a focal point in the backyard.

Another way to make a smaller space feel big is to section spaces. As contradicting as it sounds, small spaces seem larger when different spots have a purpose. It’s the same principal used in studio apartments. Create a seating area with two chairs. Utilize another area in the backyard for a fountain and some plants, and section off yet another space with a multi-tiered deck space for entertaining.

Create an interesting space. Thinking again of studio apartments, some of the smallest spaces are the most eye-catching if the owner is creative. You can use bright pops of color at the front of your yard and use more dull colors in the back. This will not only create contrast, but it will make the space seem bigger because the colors seem to fade as space increases. Choose a funky fountain as a centerpiece and conversation-starter. Add quirky yard decorations to the flower bed. Tier flower beds so that you can plant multiple flowers and plants in the same area without intruding on seating or walk space. Landscape in LA can be as crazy and interesting as you make it. Almost anything goes in LA!

Small spaces don’t have to be boring! Utilize any of the tactics above to make your small space shine. Remember that less is more when dealing with small spaces. Don’t overcrowd your space, use space wisely, and enjoy your outdoor retreat.

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