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Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Small Yard Landscaping Ideas

Living in Los Angeles, greenery can sometimes be a little hard to come by. As a resident of the City of Angels, you may be tempted to simply shrug and forgive the lack of plants because of all the other social and personal benefits the city offers. You don’t have to give up, though—and you shouldn’t. There are numerous benefits to taking the time to lovingly cultivate a little patch of your own, no matter how small.

Taking a little time out of your hectic schedule to engage in a little small space landscaping in Los Angeles, CA can prove to be a boon to your health. Gardening gets you outside, which offers exposure to sunlight (and vitamin D). It also keeps you active, which is undoubtedly good for losing weight and improving heart and lung function.

You don’t have to be a landscape Picasso to transform your green space into an oasis from the wider world. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The multi-purpose pergola

If you’re working in a backyard that has, let’s say, a “conventional” view, then the addition of an eye-catching pergola can serve as a stylish prop that adds texture and appeal to your property. Pergolas also help to dampen the direct heat of the sun, making for a sunny spot that’s bright, but not hot. Long-term gardeners can grow climbing plants on the back of their pergola to add another layer of beauty to any small yard.

Mix it up

When you’re trying to decorate a studio apartment, design experts recommend dividing the space into different areas to create the illusion that the apartment is bigger than it really is. The same principle works for planning a small yard landscape in Los Angeles, CA. If you can organize your yard or patio into different levels or areas, it will feel larger and more immersive than you thought possible.

Make it yours

If you’re designing a full-sized yard, there may be room for an entertaining space or fire pit. In a small yard, however, it’s essential to make the space your own. Think about actively blocking your view with a fence or plants, and be sure to stock the area with furniture that you find appealing. After all, if the space will only be used by you and your family, it should appeal primarily to your tastes.

Build your backyard

You don’t have to engage in small space landscaping in Los Angeles, CA on your own. Enlist the help of RainforestLA, Inc., and you’ve got a team of licensed landscapers ready and willing to help you create the green space of your dreams. No matter how big or small, we can offer your backyard a new lease on life.

Landscaping, deck building, artificial grass installation, hardscape design, fire pit and barbecue installation, outdoor lighting installation, patio building, pergola building—we do it all! What’s more, we’re proud to build your new aesthetically-pleasing environment with an eye toward the broader environment. That’s why we specialize in the use of energy-efficient materials, so your little slice of nature doesn’t detract from Mother Nature herself.

At RainforestLA, Inc., we’re here for you. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for your space.

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