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Seven Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas And Tips

Seven Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas and Tips

Homeowners tend to show interest in landscaping when they want to boost curb appeal or get tired of looking at their plain grass or bare yards. The good news is that landscaping projects can be as simple or complex as you want them to be. Plant a few bushes out front, install a garden pond surrounded by stone, flowers and sitting areas—the landscape design is completely up to you. That said, not everyone wants to jump into a full yard remodel. Get your toes wet first with small yard updates, like adding color, texture, functionality and focal points using plants and other natural materials.

Professional landscapers will be ready with their services when you’re ready to go big. As you’re getting started, here are seven tips and ideas for low-maintenance landscaping in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Potted plants: A top low-maintenance gardening tip is to use potted plants throughout existing landscaping or on patio spaces. Potted plants are easy to move around to bring color to different parts of the yard based on personal preference or the season.
  • Plant a variety of plants: Landscape designs encourage homeowners to combine a diverse range of plants in the same area. If you don’t use variety, then all the leaves will change color and flowers will bloom at the same time. When you choose the right combination of annual and perennial plants, you’ll have pretty plants to look at all year long.
  • Create dedicated paths in the yard: A very easy DIY landscape project is to make dedicated paths that lead to points of interest in your yard. Create attractive paths using materials like crushed stone, flagstone, stepping stones or decorative brick and you won’t have to trample through plants or over grass to get from one area of your yard to another.
  • Illuminate walkways: Add outdoor path lighting to landscaping and garden walkways so you can enjoy your backyard after sunset. Lights can enhance safety around steps and any garden features that people can trip over. Another benefit of walkway lights is that they can showcase points of interest in your landscape designs.
  • Follow the curves: Edging material around garden beds, walkways, driveways and your home’s foundation is installed to either hold small rocks and soil in place or to outline a specific part of the property. When installing edging in your garden, the simplest way to add appeal and character is to create curved lines instead of straight lines.
  • Add a water feature: Natural water features like small ponds, patio fountains and bird baths should blend into their surroundings, so be sure to use natural materials to build them.
  • Install outdoor seating: Need an outdoor escape? Install outdoor seating throughout your yard, near the edge of the lawn and mixed in with garden plants. Concrete or wood make great garden benches, and even stones and pavers can be used to construct rustic outdoor seating.

If you have some simple landscaping ideas in mind for your Los Angeles, CA home, but aren’t sure how to get started, reach out to the experts at RainforestLA, Inc. We can help you during any phase of your landscape design project!

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