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Popular Hardscaping Projects And The Right Materials To Use

Popular Hardscaping Projects and the Right Materials to Use

Home hardscape projects can differ from traditional landscape projects. While landscaping utilizes things like plants, loose rocks and grass, hardscaping uses materials such as natural stone, bricks and pavers to create a permanent outdoor living area, sometimes in conjunction with existing or future landscape designs. Hardscaping materials can be used to enhance your property, or be more purely functional, like a retaining wall, patio or walkway. Whether you want to build a hardscape into your landscape or create an all-new usable outdoor space, the key to success is making sure you choose the right materials for your specific project.

Once you draft out a few hardscaping ideas for your Los Angeles, CA backyard, the next step is to plan—make a budget, hire a contractor and gather the right materials. Let us help! Below is a list of some of the most popular hardscaping projects and the materials the professionals recommend you use.


A patio should be both beautiful and functional, built to flow well with your home and landscape. One thing to consider is hiring a professional to install your patio to ensure it’s flat and stable. This is important since you will be putting outdoor living necessities like furniture, grills and entertainment equipment on it. The most ideal materials for this type of hardscape include poured concrete, wood or pavers. Choose paving stones and you’ll have a wide selection of colors and size options, perfect for creating unique patterns.

Lounge areas

If you have a big backyard, you can turn part of it into an outdoor lounge space. This would be the perfect spot to set up oversized, comfy chairs and a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for evening hangouts. These types of areas are different from patios in that they are usually not right off the back of the house. However, they function similarly and require the same materials to create a flat, stable surface. Just be sure to use a non-combustible material if you want to install a fire feature.


Residential walkways are great for beautifying outside spaces, protecting landscaping from foot traffic and saving natural paths from premature wear and tear. Materials like pavers, brick, wood, pebbles and river rock are all great options. You should also consider adding an obvious border to identify the walking path. Done right, walkways are easy to keep clean of dirt, pollen and leaves through all four seasons.

Retaining wall

Some landscape designs might call for a retaining wall to prevent soil erosion, encourage drainage or add dimension to the landscape. Some retaining walls are simple enough constructions that homeowners can install it themselves, while more complex or oddly-placed retaining walls need to be installed by an experienced landscape architect. Poured concrete, interlocking concrete paving blocks and lumber are all good materials for building retaining walls.

RainforestLA, Inc. makes choosing hardscape material in Los Angeles, CA easy. Let us help you design and build the outdoor living space of your dreams. Call us today to learn more.

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