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One, Two…. Kick The Blue

One, Two…. Kick the Blue

Very well could be the drought maybe over with this amazing amount of rain this winter. But we still have tips on your landscape. Dry resistant plants are the answer to kicking the dry blues out of the “green” yard

One two…. Plant in rows

Three four … Water and pour

Five Six ….. Care and Fix

Seven Eight …. Enjoy them straight

Nine Ten…. Dry and done

These are the sad, but true facts of most landscapes and yards in California; thanks to the drought conditions there. Most lush, green lawns and Los Angeles landscapes swaying with life are now under the scanner, challenged with the risk of drying up into dead, brown spaces.

To save your landscape from the journey from green to brown, it is advisable to resort to dry resistant plants. These are plants, which can survive even in conditions when rainfall in below normal. They are adapted to drier climates and have lower water requirements. However, they are not restricted to cacti or succulents. There are a variety of dry-resistant plants, which can not only adorn your landscape but also survive and thrive in drought conditions.

Dry-resistant plants may or may not be native to the particular region. Native plants are the ones that grow naturally in a particular region, for instance; cactus in deserts. So, in places with less rainfall, the native plants would mostly be the ones which are adapted to survival in low rainfall conditions. However, dry resistant plants can even be brought from outside to be planted in low rainfall places.

However, this does not mean that they can be planted or grown anywhere. Just planting drought-resistant and native plants is not it. Landscaping is all about planting the right plants in the right place. So is it with dry resistant plants.

So, to save water and yet add color and beauty to the landscape, hire the professional services of Rain Forest LA, the experts at landscaping.

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