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More Light With LED Lights

More Light with LED lights

Here’s why you must light up your outdoor space with LED lights

Are you a home owner? Are you blessed with an outdoor space with landscaping done? If yes, then you would have heard the hullabaloo about LED lights. If your landscape was created before the advent of this “smart” technology, then more than one person would have certainly made an “uninvited” suggestion about changing your outdoor lighting in the Los Angles landscape to LED lighting. They would have also spread awareness about the reduced energy costs and longevity that you would be blessed with. What’s more, with myriad colors and designs now available in LED lights, you can also alter the look of your outdoor space.

LED = A better promise

Despite the many suggestions made by your near and dear ones, if you still haven’t considered changing the outdoor lighting to LED in your Los Angeles landscape, then the below mentioned benefits would probably entice you to the same.   

Peek into them.

  • Who do you call when the outdoor bulb goes off, causing darkness in your outdoor space? A common sight is to rely on your son or the neighbor’s young lad to change the bulb, which goes out quite often. LED lights, unlike others run for a good 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to 17 years of light, keeping in mind eight hours of everyday lighting outdoors at night. You are saved from asking anyone to climb the ladder anymore.
  • LED bulbs are therefore cost-efficient; thanks to their longevity. What’s more, they are energy-efficient too. After changing over to LED lighting in your landscape, you will certainly see your utility bills plummeting significantly.
  • The light output of LED lights remains consistent through its lifespan, as against its counterparts.
  • LED lights consume about one-tenth of the energy consumed by halogen lights; commonly used for lighting landscapes. When LED lights saw the light of the day, they were expensive and therefore failed to entice customers, despite being energy efficient. With reduced prices, you can now enjoy the complete benefit of energy efficiency.
  • LED lighting is an improved alternate, especially for outdoor lighting; thanks to the lower surface temperature. It is therefore ideal for ground-level lighting as it promises safety and decreased loss of heat.
  • LED’s have a better quality of light distribution, thus, reducing the number of lights required.
  • Compared to their counterparts, LED lights are more compatible to rough weather conditions and are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impact. It is therefore an ideal choice for outdoor lighting.
  • A longer lifespan of the LED light is equivalent to lower carbon emissions, which in turn, is favorable for the environment.
  • Yet another benefit of LED lights is that it is now available in a variety of colors and varying intensity levels. You can therefore, change the entire appearance of your landscape with a change in the lights.

Considering the many benefits of LED lights, why not shift over to them for your outdoor space as well as indoors? For, its benefits are wider and deeper than cost savings and energy efficiency. It does promise “MORE LIGHT” in all ways.

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