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LED Vs Halogen Lights: The Final Truth

LED vs Halogen Lights: The Final Truth

Two popular methods of illumination these days is the LED light and the halogen light. If you are having difficulty choosing between the two, this article will explain the difference and which one you can go for, depending upon your need.

When it comes to elaborate landscaping, many people often forget about the lights, preferring to go with whatever the landscaper recommends. This is a critical mistake as your landscaped homed shouldn’t just be visible in the daytime; it should look just as beautiful in the nighttime as well! In this regard many people end up forgetting that there are so many options to entertain when it comes to choosing lights.

Two of the most popular options these days are LED (light-emitting diode) lights and halogen lights. Many people are often clueless about which one is better, but there are actually a few advantages and disadvantages to both of them. This article will elucidate on these points and take a final stand as to which one you should be using in your home!

A lot of people see one thing first: price. Sure, LED lights cost a bit more than halogen lights, which makes a significant portion of the market move away from the LED lights, but if you actually know a bit more about the respective pros and cons, it will make for a much more educative decision rather than simple monetary concerns.

The first thing you should know is how they both work. The LED light is basically a light source which becomes active and lights up when an electron moves through a semiconductor. In contrast, the halogen light is just like the ordinary incandescent bulb that you already have in your home; they include a tungsten filament and are filled with halogen gas which stops the tungsten filament from thinning; this lengthens the lifespan of the light and the gas also helps the light shine brighter. Two entirely different methods of illumination!

Given that these two use entirely different methods to provide light, it therefore stands to reason that they are also used in many different kinds of ways as well. The LED light is something which is better used when you don’t need to change the lights often, and Given that the light provided by the LED light is thin, it is better to use it in a spot which doesn’t need a bright light, such as in a drawer or for a cabinet. The halogen light provides a lot of light; in fact, compared to the ubiquitous incandescent bulb, the halogen light provides approximately 30% more light. This is why many people prefer to use the halogen light inside their homes, or for reading.

This is where things get a bit tricky: when it comes to longevity, LED lights last 25 times longer than the halogen light. While the standard halogen light may last for 2,000 hours, certainly no weakling, the standard LED light can provide illumination for up to 40,000 hours! You also get to save big-time when it comes to the energy bills! It costs 20% less to use the LED light, as opposed to the halogen light.

So as you can see, while you can get a brighter light with the halogen light, it is only better to use it for certain situations. In all other areas, it is more cost-effective to use the LED light instead. Now you can start placing the calls to the top landscaping companies in LA to help installing them in your home!

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