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Landscaping Tips To Make A Small Backyard Look Bigger

Landscaping Tips to Make a Small Backyard Look Bigger

Living in Los Angeles is a dream for many people. The city offers the chance to pursue your dreams, whether it’s fame and fortune or the laidback lifestyle of living on the West Coast. Part of living in the City of Angels is investing in smaller homes with even tinier yards. Fortunately, with some simple tips for small backyard landscaping in Los Angeles, CA, you can make your backyard seem much bigger. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Create diagonal lines: Diagonal lines create the illusion of space. When considering landscaping tips for a small yard in Los Angeles, CA, you want to find ways to add diagonal lines. For example, if you are putting a path in your backyard, you’ll want to lay pavers in a diagonal pattern. Perhaps you’re installing a new wooden deck—set the decking pieces at a diagonal to elongate your yard.
  • Add levels: Especially if you are putting in a new deck or patio, try to build it on different levels if you can. This construction technique adds depth to your small yard, making your outdoor space feel much larger. It’s a simple trick that makes a big impact on your backyard.
  • Blend into nature: Embrace your beautiful natural surroundings the way they have for centuries with traditional Japanese gardens. Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery around your home and incorporate native plants into your backyard landscaping.
  • Colorful entryways: A pop of color at the entryway to your backyard warmly invites guests in and makes the rest of your yard appear larger. Choose warm tones like red, orange and yellow for your yard entry and use cooler tones like pink, purple and blue for the borders of the area. You can also plant colorful flowers near your entryway to draw attention to it.
  • Put in big tropical plants: Tropical plants with big leaves not only look amazing, but also make your small yard seem much more spacious.
  • Establish a focal point: Whether it’s a small sculpture or a particularly statuesque plant, you want to establish a focal point in your yard. This attracts the eye and makes the space surrounding the focal point seem bigger.
  • Include mirrors: While they’re not usually considered outdoor décor accessories, hanging mirrors in your small yard can open up the space considerably. This trick is used in smaller homes and can achieve the same results in your little yard.
  • Take your indoor aesthetic outdoors: You’ve spent time and money creating a beautiful aesthetic in your home. To make your backyard seem larger, find ways to bring this design style into your outdoor space.
  • Divide up the yard: Set up different “rooms” in your yard, such as a dining area and a grassy spot. This gives the illusion that the yard covers more square footage than it actually does. This is one of the most effective landscaping tips for a small yard in Los Angeles, CA.

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