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Landscape Versus Hardscape

Landscape Versus Hardscape

584As in every profession or niche, there are some key words to be familiar with before you begin working on exterior design. The term most people are familiar with is landscape. Landscape encompasses the visible and living features of a piece of land. This includes flowers, grasses, bushes, trees, anything living you’d think to include outside your home or business. The other part to exterior design is called hardscape. Hardscape includes the nonliving and man-made features of an outdoor space such as pools, spas, lighting, pavers, garden beds, pergolas, and more. Los Angeles landscape and hardscape is a niche market. As the best landscaping company in LA, we have some ideas for helping your decorate your outdoor space.

Although we’re taught from a young age not to judge a book by its cover, doing so is almost inevitable. Picture this: you just received a large lump sum of money and want to put it in a bank. Across the street from one another are two banks. One bank has well-groomed, green grass all around it. There are beautiful flowers lining the walkway from your car to the front door. The landscape is serene. There is even a little fountain which a bird happens to be sitting on. The other bank has the exact same building but lacks any sort of landscape or hardscape. You see where we’re headed. Curb appeal matters in both home and business ownership.

There are ways for money conscious businesses and home owners to improve the look of their space. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to have quality grass. As simple as it sounds, it takes a professional to determine the right kind of grass for each climate. Rainforest LA knows the California climate well. We can suggest the best grass for your budget and creative vision while making a selection that will fare well in heat and with relatively little water. Adding colorful pops of flowers to sidewalks is another great way to attract positive attention.

Los Angeles hardscape is meant to complement landscape choices. An ill placed fountain can throw off the look of a backyard despite the beauty of the fountain itself. Our exterior designer will help make your vision a reality while considering practical elements of hardscape. Adding pavers to a backyard full of beautiful grass helps break up the monotony and is functional as well. If you don’t have a vision for your space, let us do the creative work for you.

Landscape and hardscape are meant to work in harmony to create a unique look for outdoor spaces. Exterior design is only limited by the creativity and desires of the business or home owner. In Los Angeles hardscape and landscape, anything goes. Let your mind explore the possibilities, and let Rainforest LA help bring your vision to life.


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