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Keeping Landscape Appeal In The Summer

Keeping Landscape Appeal in the Summer

Keep the landscape green and healthy while temperatures soar is challenging. However, some summer lawn care tips can help homeowners maintain a green landscape even during the summertime. 

Summertime is here. The holiday mood is on. It’s the right time for beaches and hammocks. 

However, the outdoor yard may not seem as bright as the weather. The grass may die, shrubs and flowers often wilt away and the landscape loses its appeal. Landscaping, Los Angeles cannot be ignored.

Summer Lawn Care Tips 

The demands of lawn maintenance, especially in the warm months are intimidating. If the grass dies, re-growing may be costly. It is therefore, advisable to take care of your landscape and enjoy the warm season amidst nature with colorful flowers and grass in your outdoor law.

Here are some summer lawn care tips:

The top most important thing is irrigation. Thanks to water shortage, homeowners often skip the installation of an irrigation system. However, irrigation systems with proper settings keep the lawn green, while controlling the water bills from shooting up. 

Some flowering plants are capable of flowering and staying healthy even when the temperatures are soaring. These can be planted in the sunny parts of the landscape for enhanced appeal. Similarly, some plants thrive and flower in shady areas. Then, why keep the shady areas bare? Home owners can grow these plants to beautify the shady corners. Mosquitoes and pests are a sad reality of the summer months. A good idea is to prepare the yard for pest control and eliminate mosquito breeding areas like water accumulation etc. 

It is also advisable to prepare for the forthcoming fall season. A good idea is to nurse annual plants before the arrival of fall. These colorful plants and flowers can be planted later to keep the landscape appealing and colorful in fall. 

Professional intervention by experts like those at Rain Forest LA can help in keeping the yard green and healthy all year long.

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