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It’s All In The Details

It’s All in the Details

052With so many Los Angeles landscaping ideas on Pinterest and other Internet sites, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choices. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to go overboard and turn landscaping projects from “pulled together” to “pull it all out!” One of the most important factors in landscaping is the details. Below are some simple ways to focus on details and accentuate the beauty of your Los Angeles landscaping projects.

Many homes and businesses use rocks because they are typically inexpensive fillers and require very little upkeep. Rocks can also help draw the attention of those passing by if used correctly. If you have a large grassy area, consider sectioning an area to plant flowers and then fill the space with rocks rather than more grass. The beautiful flowers will stand out even more against the earth tones of rocks. One or two large rocks can be placed so that bright flowers grow around them to create a color contrast and a big focal point. You can also use a large rock as the focal point itself. Place small plants over mulch and center around an oversized rock. Medium sized rocks make a beautiful border around ponds and fountains. They look best when accompanied by flowers chosen in a specific color. Finally, larger flat stones can serve as pavers to create a path from the sidewalk to the back porch.

Another important detail in Los Angeles hardscape and landscape is the use of lines and curves. Consider the sharp edges of a deck. Plant a flowerbed at the foot of the deck. Rather than using more sharp lines, form the flowerbed border in a wavy pattern. This contrast will keep the area as a whole easy on the eyes. It will also create interest in your backyard. Plants with long sharp blades can be offset with shrubs with large blooms. If your pool and pool deck are rectangular, consider planting asymmetrical bushes nearby.

Paying attention to the details in your outdoor space will help you tie the look together in a cohesive way. The goal is to create contrast in the details while making sure the look as a whole encompasses your desired mood and vision. Use colors, shapes, and lines to create contrast between landscape and hardscape while maintaining a beautiful outdoor space.


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