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Interesting Water Saving Tips For California Gardens And Lawns

Interesting water saving tips for California gardens and lawns

Droughts and prolonged dry weather can be disastrous for gardens or lawns. Controlling water usage is one way of ensuring that it looks great.

Water can be considered to be a very precious commodity in states like California. It is possible to maintain a colorful garden with varied plant life if you plan it out well. Planning out your garden with a Los Angeles based landscape expert is one great way to practice water conservation. If you already have a full grown one, here are some tips that can help you keep a tight lid on the amount of water that’s used:


  • Water your plants preferably in the morning, as early as possible. You can program sprinklers to run before 7 AM. This will reduce the amount of evaporation that happens because of winds, warm air or very bright sunlight. Your plants will be able to absorb more water and won’t dry out. In some cases, this can reduce water damage and diseases that affect and destroy plants.
  • Using the right organic mulch mixture on the soil can help too. It absorbs water that you apply on it and keeps the soil moist. It can prevent evaporation and stop weeds from popping up. This extra layer can lower the amount of water that you use in a year.
  • Make sure that all your sprinklers are working- repair or replace the damaged ones. They can be adjusted to reduce the amount of water that’s they use. They can be adjusted to ensure that they don’t spray the driveways, sidewalks, nearby vehicles. Stronger jets utilize less water over a larger area. Interconnected pipes can develop leaks that waste water.
  • Too much watering is not good for your garden or water supply limit. Plants require water every two to three days only. Sprinklers don’t have to come on daily either. Using lots of water in a single time ensures that it seeps right down into the soil, reducing evaporation.
  • Seasons also affect how much watering is required. Automatic systems can be shut off during rainy seasons. Summers and dry weather require steady monitoring. High watering frequencies fall somewhere between July and October with the lowest in November and March. Contact a qualified Landscaping company is Los Angeles to help you out with this.
  • If you have a smaller garden or want a simpler method. Fix a trigger spray on the water hose, this can stop or start water flow at the press of a button or handle. You use less water and prevent wastage.
  • Potting soil and plant containers can help you save water too. Certain soils can retain water longer than others; they are a good choice for those plants needing lots of water. Other containers can actually store water that can be used after soils dry out completely.  
  • Organic fertilizers can nourish plants with less water. They provide the nutrients required for plants and reduce watering frequencies.


Gardens don’t require too much watering; you can hire professional Landscaping companies who can plan and design a beautiful one. They can offer you a smart solution to maintain them also.   

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