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I Had A Dream!

I had a Dream!

Very often, people give up on building their gardens exactly how they envisioned it just because it would cost them a fortune. You can thank your lucky stars, there are landscaping tips and ideas employing which you can create the garden of your dreams without breaking the bank!

  1. Do examine gardens and yards of your acquaintances (friends and family). This will help you come up with some smart ideas of things that could easily be included in or excluded from your own yard. While visiting their gardens and yards, request them to give you a few begins off of their plants. Majority of the people are just excessively eager, making it impossible to bail you out with starts of plants.


  1. Say no to department stores. Purchase your gravel or other landscaping stones from a quarry.
  2. Get in touch with your city or county to see if they have a free mulch or compost site. Many towns have these and will be more than happy to get rid of them.
  3. Try laying old and read newspapers on the ground, a few layers thick, for weed block. Ensure that you cover the newspapers at once with mulch or landscaping rock, so they don’t blow away.
  4. Keep checks on any garage sales happening nearby. You’d be surprised on finding gardening tools, landscaping edging, plants, and the like for pennies on the dollar of what it would cost to buy at the store!
  5. Approach your local cement company. Very often, people tend to order an excessive amount of concrete/cement for a job and later, the company has to dispose of the overabundance some place.


In addition to these, following are some general tips that will prove beneficial:

  1. Plan ahead – Ask yourself if you are improving an existing landscape design or starting from scratch with a whole new look? Are you landscaping a front or back yard or your entire property? How much maintenance will be required once you install your landscaping (and have you budgeted forthat)? Answering questions of the sort will help you decide which materials and plants you’ll need and should also help you spend wisely.
  2. Make improvements to your existing landscapes – Ask yourself if a whole new yard is really necessary? There is a fair chance that small adjustments do the job and you don’t have to break a sweat and create a whole new garden.
  3. Choose your plants wisely – Not all beautiful plants cost a pretty penny. A boxwood hedge may seem dull and dreary, but this evergreen could do wonders for your yard! Boxwood hedges can provide the clean lines your yard desires. Also, Knockout roses brim with brightly colored blooms but are easy to maintain and look pretty anywhere on the yard. On the other hand, Annuals can be pricey and must be replaced often, whereas many beautiful perennials can be planted or started from blubs or clippings.

Look around for cheaper alternatives so that you get the landscape in Los Angeles of your dreams, whilst on a budget.

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