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How To Clean And Maintain A Concrete Patio

How to Clean and Maintain a Concrete Patio

Your concrete patio can serve as a gathering space and peaceful backyard retreat—and the better you take care of your patio, the longer it will last. Concrete patio cleaning and maintenance in Los Angeles, CA is the key to keeping it looking great for decades. Be sure to schedule regular cleaning and upkeep so you don’t accidentally let it slide for months on end. The extra item on your to-do list will be well worth it.

Concrete patio cleaning tips

You don’t need any special equipment to clean your patio, although having a pressure washer handy can certainly make faster work of it. All you really need is a hose, a push broom and dish soap. Rinse the patio off with the hose, then apply dish soap to your push broom and scrub the entire patio. Once you’re finished, use the hose to rinse away the soap and double-check to make sure you got all the dirt and debris off. If there’s anything left, repeat the process until it’s clean.

Pressure washers offer an even faster way to clean off your pavement, and the results can be dramatic. Just be careful not to hold the washer too close to the concrete, or you risk damaging your patio instead of cleaning it.

Sometimes you’ll need to deal with stubborn stains—pet urine and mold are two of the most common concrete patio stains we see. For urine, use a product with ammonia or bleach—regular soap or degreasers will not work. Mold can be addressed by using a bleach and water solution to scrub the patio. Pressure washers are particularly effective at getting rid of the organic material that mold feeds upon, so if you have one, follow up the bleach solution with a power-washing session.

Concrete patio maintenance tips

Your concrete patio maintenance duties in Los Angeles, CA don’t stop at cleaning—you also need to keep up on basic maintenance. For overall results, we recommend installing some sort of shade structure, whether that’s a sunshade or a structure like a pergola or gazebo. This will protect your concrete from sun damage and help it last longer.

Since concrete is porous, it’s important that you not only sweep regularly and address stains as soon as possible, but also that you make sure it’s properly sealed. Most concrete patios will be sealed when they’re installed, but that needs to be redone every two to three years to keep it looking great.

Finally, be careful when you’re using salt, whether it’s to de-ice or for another application. Salt can damage the concrete sealant, which will allow water and stains to penetrate the patio. This not only makes it more susceptible to damage, but it will also ruin the look.

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