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How 3D Landscape Design Services Can Help You Build Your Dream Yard

How 3D Landscape Design Services Can Help You Build Your Dream Yard

When it comes to landscaping and hardscaping, the planning is just as important as the execution. Even if you know how to plant every tree in the world, how to build the most beautiful deck in existence, or how to make a pergola that would bring a tear to a grown man’s eye, these skills aren’t worth much if there isn’t a meaningful design behind them. And that’s where many homeowners flounder — they have a basic idea of what they want for their yard, but it can be difficult to articulate that to landscaping companies.

That’s why, at Rainforest LA, we provide comprehensive 3D landscape design services. Working with you, we can create detailed 3D mockups that beautifully show off how your home could look with our landscaping services. Still not convinced? Here are a few ways that 3D landscape design can help you build your dream home:

The Benefits of 3D Landscaping Design

Views From Every Angle

Perspective is everything in landscaping design, and even if you design a beautiful hardscaping feature or a mind-blowing garden, it may not be as impressive when you finally see it for yourself. Certain features may not appear to be as flattering from other angles, and that’s why 3D landscaping is a boon. In our mockups, you can move through your yard as if you were there, and examine the features from every angle.

Realistic Lighting Previews

Are you curious how a certain species of tree might cast shade into your yard? Are you interested in a rustic low-voltage lighting setup in your yard? Do you want to see what your pool lighting would look like in conjunction with your fire pit, or how everything would look in a California sunset? No worries, our software can do it all? We can simulate lighting in a variety of different scenarios, so you can get a good idea of what your landscape design would look like during all times of the day.

Highly Specific Designs

3D landscaping is the best design tool for multiple reasons. When you’re simply telling a landscaper your vision, a lot of details are bound to get lost in translation. Meanwhile, drawings and blueprints are much more time-consuming to create. Our 3D landscaping design tool provides extremely specific layouts, down to the tiniest plants and decorations.

Easily Interchangeable

Another great thing about 3D landscaping design is that you can make changes on the fly. Suppose you want a little row of drought-resistant plants alongside your walkway. You might think you want cactuses, only to see them in the mockup and change your mind. No problem! We can swap them in for succulents or any other kind of plant you have on your mind. Right then and there, you’ll have a visual alternative. We love sitting with our clients and adjusting the design until it has arrived at perfection — there’s nothing like seeing your dream yard planned out to exactitude!

3D Landscape Design Services for Los Angeles Homeowners

3D landscape design allows you to tangibly see a vision of your dream yard, and you can bet we’ll work with you closely until we arrive at a design that’s perfect for your needs. Are you ready to try out this innovative and effective service? Contact us today to get started!

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