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Hardscape Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

RainforestLA provides the highest quality hardscapes you can imagine. We don’t think of hardscapes as just another word for paving, brickwork, or retaining walls, we think of hardscapes as that extra mile that can make a landscape look and feel regal. The perfectly placed rock bed or fire pit can elevate your yard or really highlight that lush landscape that we have been cultivating for you.

Hardscapes provide permanent definition and help establish a style for your outdoor environment. Products including rock, brick, masonry, stone or other durable materials are considered hardscapes. A few examples of hardscape elements that are used in our projects would be retaining walls, interlocking walks, driveways, sunken patios, steps, and outdoor kitchens. Here at RainforestLA we are a full-service hardscaping company in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in a broad range of hardscape techniques and designs. We work hand in hand with you during the entire process. We follow the philosophy that each project and hardscape is unique and we strive to provide the customer with a personalized plan that will fit their specific need and budget. We are always sure to finish our projects on time and under budget and always provide you with schematics, a budget, and a timeline that we aggressively set out to meet. We will create the outdoor living space that you have been dreaming of. Our landscape architect Yosef Rozen and his landscape design services are well known throughout Los Angeles County.

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