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Going Off The Deep End

Going Off the Deep End

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It’s a hot summer day in Los Angeles, California. The kids are splashing in the backyard pool while mom and dad sip a cool drink poolside. There are family-friendly tunes playing on the radio situated on the pool deck. Mom pours cool lemonade as the family enjoys another Saturday afternoon.  Although it sounds like a fairy tale, it’s simply another day in a family’s home. Two years ago, they chose to install a pool so they could relish in more family time.

Pools are considered one of the most multifunctional forms of Los Angeles hardscape. With our beautiful weather, your pool can be used nearly year round. Swimming pools are an excellent way for families to enjoy time together without leaving their home. Pools provide hours of entertainment for people of all ages. Children love to splash and blow bubbles in the water. Adults can be found relaxing poolside with a good book or the morning newspaper. Birthday, engagement, holiday, and anniversary parties can all be thrown poolside.

Real estate agents also boast about homes with swimming pools. They not only offer a place to entertain family and friends, but pools are a great asset to home owners looking to sell. There are many ways to boost the value of your swimming pool. Include lighting to make night swims a reality. Pools can be partnered with hot tubs for those chilly evenings. Yosi and his team will help you design your pool from start to finish. Pools are a great way to “finish” the look of your backyard. Few things serve as a better focal point for backyard spaces, and few things help homes sell better in Los Angeles hardscape of a high caliber.

Aside from entertainment and resale purposes, swimming pools can also be installed for recreational purposes. Diving pools can be used for serious athletes looking to train from home. Free form pools are great for those looking to improve their physical health by swimming laps in the morning before work. Even the elderly benefit as they perform water aerobics and find relief from conditions such as arthritis in the weightlessness of the pool.

If you’re looking to install a pool, you should also consider installing a deck. Non-slip deck surfaces are the perfect buffer between the pool and the slippery tile found inside many homes. Dry off on the deck before heading inside. Children often can’t help but run outside, and non-slip decks are a great way to increase safety near the pool. Decks are also great for throwing those birthday and anniversary parties. Not everyone will want to ruin that new hairstyle in the pool. Let them relax on the deck and watch the pool fun on a comfy lounge chair. By combining these two features of Los Angeles hardscape, you’ll create the perfect entertainment space.

Whether you want to install a pool for entertainment, resale value, or exercise, consider it a great investment. People of all ages enjoy being in or near the pool. Provide your family with years of lasting memories by installing a pool in your home.

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