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Gift-Giving 101

Gift-Giving 101


Often during the holidays, we see emails, news special, and Internet advertisements for great gifts. Once the holidays end, it’s as if important occasions don’t happen. We are left to fend for ourselves when our favorite gardener has a birthday or a new neighbor moves to the 90210. What are we supposed to buy?! Fear not! Below is a list of gifts for those who like to spend time outside in the beautiful Los Angeles weather.

  1. Inflatable Pool Toys: These make great gifts for both children and adults. Children love inflatable rafts and balls to play with in the pool. Adults will also appreciate an inflatable raft- as long as it has a drink holder. There are even inflatable basketball hoops and boats, and small houses that are fun for children and adults alike. Those who have invested in their Los Angeles hardscape want to enjoy it. Help them do that with fun, inflatable toys.
  2. Kitchen Gadgets: People who have added outdoor kitchens to their Los Angeles hardscape love to make use of them. Help them entertain guests by buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Broken glass by the pool deck is never fun, so invest in plastic wine glasses and beer mugs for your favorite outdoor entertainer. A fun apron or chef’s hat will help them cook in style. You can also gift a nice shaker set for the mixologist in your life.
  3. Gardening Tools: Those who have a green thumb will always appreciate gardening tools. Consider buying padded, sturdy gloves to help them keep their hands clean and free of thorns as they beautify their Los Angeles landscape. A nice gathering basket makes a great gift for anyone collecting fruits and vegetables from their garden. You can also make cute plant markers to help them keep track of which seeds are planted where.
  4. Fire Pit: Those that love spending time in the backyard will love a small fire pit. It will serve as a focal point for the backyard space and will be the center of conversation. Include as’mores set with the fire pit, and you’re sure to be invited to the inaugural fire.
  5. Alcohol Containers: For the adults that love spending time in the backyard, consider buying some sort of container to hold their favorite drink. A floating mini-keg allows owners to float in the pool and never have to leave for a drink again. An aluminum beverage hold will keep drinks cold on a warm day while bringing back that industrial look.

If you please the outdoorsman or woman in your life with a great birthday, retirement, or anniversary gift, they’ll be touched that you remembered their love for the great outdoors. If you really pick a good gift, you’ll be invited over for years to come! Better yet, purchase these gifts for yourself, and enjoy the beautiful backyard you’ve created for yourself using our Los Angeles landscape and hardscape techniques.

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