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Five Key Commercial Landscape Tips

Five Key Commercial Landscape Tips

Any savvy business owner understands the value of putting their best foot forward at every opportunity. It’s critical to put on an air of success with clients. That’s why you make sure your storefront or building is clean and in good condition. It’s why you keep an eye on the upkeep of every square foot beneath your roof. However, if you’re focused on your building and not on your landscape, you could be turning away potential business without even realizing it. Keeping your landscape looking its best is essential, whether you’re trying to lure people into a retail shop or have clients visit your industrial site.

Here are a few commercial landscaping ideas in Los Angeles, CA to keep your business’s lawn and plant life looking beautiful.

Focus on the entry point

The first place to begin when you’re redoing your outdoor commercial space is the entrance. The goal of the storefront should be to invite people inside. As such, you should make sure your point of entry is distinct and inviting. A local contractor can help you determine the right array of plants to pull customers inside.

Think about lighting

When a lot of business owners plan their outdoor space, they have a bright, sunny day in mind. Sure, Los Angeles has plenty of those, but the sun always sets eventually. If you have people hanging around your store or using your outdoor space after dark, you should seriously focus on lighting when considering commercial landscaping tips in Los Angeles, CA.

Hardscapes are solid

Hardscapes can prove exceptionally popular for restaurant or bar owners who use their outdoor area to provide ambience while their customers are enjoying a meal. Not only are hardscapes durable and easy to maintain, but they can be easily customized to serve as an extension of your brand.

Don’t count out the bench

If you have a larger expanse of outdoor space, you’re going to need some furniture. There’s no reason to break the bank on chic pieces. People are put at ease—and often coerced into cross-party communication—when a few well-made benches are placed in the area. Besides the psychological benefits, benches are usually cheaper than individual chairs, they’re easier to maintain and able to seat more people.

Work with the pros

There’s no need to fret about commercial landscaping ideas in Los Angeles, CA when you enlist the help of RainforestLA, Inc. We have decades of experience helping commercial and residential clients achieve the outdoor spaces they’ve always wanted. We offer landscape and hardscape options to meet any needs. We can install outdoor kitchens, fire pits, new lawns, artificial turf, exotic or native plants, patios, pergolas, fences and so much more.

When it comes to improving and treating the area outside your home, RainforestLA, Inc. can’t be beat. We have a reputation for crafting outdoor solutions to meet a diverse array of needs. Best of all, from the first day you enlist our help, you’ll find that our entire team is enthusiastic, friendly, communicative and ready to work alongside you to meet your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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