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Essentials Of Industrial Landscaping

Essentials of Industrial Landscaping

Industrial landscaping, which is mostly ignored is actually important. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and appeal for visitors, customers and employees. However, safety must be considered during landscape design. Here are the some tips for the same.

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The importance of residential and commercial landscaping is well known to all. Residential landscaping not only creates an appeal, but also enhances the property value. Commercial establishments constantly attract a stream of business associates, visitors, employees and customers. Landscaping therefore, creates a welcoming, beautiful and enticing outdoor atmosphere.

Industrial establishments on the other hand, are characterized by the movement of heavy vehicles, industrial waste and more so. Landscaping is mostly not considered.

Well; this is a myth.


Landscaping Industrial Areas

A well designed and manicured landscape is essential for the overall health and safety of visitors and employees. What’s more, it creates a welcoming atmosphere for them. However, a careful understanding of safety, besides beauty and appeal is essential for landscaping in industrial establishments.

Here’s what you must keep in mind.

Ensure that the trees and greens planted on the landscape do not obstruct the truck driver’s view or path. The pathway must be spacious enough to allow comfortable and safe movement of large vehicles. It is also important to ensure safety of pedestrians. Creation of certain structures may otherwise lead to unsafe trips and falls.

Planting dense shrubs along the pathway not only specifies the area for movement of heavy vehicles, but also restricts pedestrians from entering a restricted or unsafe zone. However, they must not be planted too close to the pathway. It may lead to tripping hazards.

Ample lighting in the landscape is a must to control accidents. Pathways should be well illuminated so that pedestrians can be easily seen. Parking areas must be free from trees and plants that obstruct the view and movement of vehicles.

Professional landscape companies are well versed with these essentials of industrial landscaping. So, invite the best to create the required appeal without compromising on safety.

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