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Essentials Of Commercial Landscaping

Essentials of Commercial Landscaping

Although most landscape companies claim to handle both residential and commercial landscaping, certain traits are unique to commercial landscaping. As commercial landscaping is extremely important, choose a commercial landscape contractor with these unique traits.    

Undoubtedly, landscaping gives your residence the special curb appeal, beautiful appearance and a well designed space for entertaining guests or kids. Outdoor space is therefore a blessing. What’s more, when designed well by reputed and experienced landscape companies, it rarely fails to add value and appeal.

Commercial Landscaping

Well; unlike popular misconception, commercial landscaping is as important as residential landscaping. Well designed commercial spaces not only add value to the property, but also make the space more welcoming for customers and employees. Moreover, it creates a healthy image of the company, its employees and the products and services. So, commercial landscaping must be given due importance and designed under expert intervention.

However, the common dilemma often faced by commercial space heads is whether there is a difference between residential and commercial landscape contractors and which are better?

Most landscape companies provide both residential and commercial landscaping services. However, here’s the list of differences between the two. Understanding these is important before hiring a contractor who can understand and fulfill your needs and requirements for commercial landscaping.

Commercial Landscape Contractors

  • The scope and size of commercial landscaping projects are larger than those of residential landscaping projects. Planting greens and installing hardscape is not enough. It is essential for contractors to keep in mind parking space and convenience, while ensuring proper pedestrian movement for employees and clients. Moreover, appeal and design in tune with commercial spaces is also important.
  • There’s more to landscaping than designing. Maintenance is equally important. Commercial landscape contractors must possess knowledge on latest maintenance principles and techniques.
  • The commercial landscape contractor’s team boasts of a crew that understands the needs of commercial clients and works accordingly.

However, this does not mean that landscape companies cannot handle both. Just ensure that they can handle commercial spaces too, besides residential spaces.

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