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Edible Gardens: Los Angeles Landscape Can Be Functional And Aesthetic

Edible Gardens: Los Angeles Landscape Can Be Functional and Aesthetic


There has recently been a nationwide push for healthy foods. People want to know what’s in their food and where it’s coming from. The best way to do that is to grow your own food. Even without acres of land, which is scare in Los Angeles, the professional landscapers at Rainforest LA know how to maximize your space and keep you eating healthy. With two decades of experience, Rainforest LA is the best landscaping company in Los Angeles to tackle this new trend in LA landscaping.

Many view Los Angeles landscape as simply throwing a few bushes in the ground or planting seeds for some fancy, expensive grass. We believe that landscaping is about much more. The need for quality food products is not something to be taken lightly. By choosing your landscaping carefully, you can reap the benefits of home-grown food.

People all over the country have started growing fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables in their own backyards. Families should choose what it is that they’d like to grow for themselves while considering what will grow best in the Los Angeles climate. Simply choosing plants to grow is just the start of the process. Plants can either thrive together, or they can destroy one another. Just like humans get along with different kinds of people, plants are often selective about what can grow near them. It may be necessary to separate your herbs, fruits, and veggies with non-invasive plants.

Rainforest LA can take your vision for a fresh garden and create an eye-catching masterpiece. Once we discuss what plants should be separated, we will come in and make your vision a reality. We will strategically place flowers, small trees, and shrubbery in the appropriate locations. Los Angeles hardscape trends should be considered in planning your landscape needs, too.

Many plants can serve as the focal point themselves. Vegetables such as zucchini and cucumber can be trained to grow vertically. Our custom-made pergolas can be adorned with such vine-growing veggies. Rhubarbs are no longer confined to the vegetable garden. Use them to line your walkway or around the perimeter of your deck. Thyme is great for planting in pavers. By combining our hardscape with our landscape, your home is sure to be both functional and fulfilling for your family. The aesthetic appeal is just another added bonus.

Residents of the Los Angeles area mean business when it comes to their health. Utilize your home space as a place to affordably feed your family nutritious foods. You’ll no longer have to question what pesticides were used on your foods before they reached your dinner table or in what kind of soil they grew.

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