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Drought: Not = Sacrificing Landscape Appeal!

Drought: Not = Sacrificing Landscape Appeal!

A drought resistant landscape can be created without compromising on the appeal of the outdoor space.

One of the most common topics publicized, printed and discussed now are the drought conditions in California. Thanks to the severest drought in the history of California, the Government has also regulated the use of water in the State. The price of water service too has increased significantly; thus burdening the residents with lengthy water bills. To save their finances from bleeding profusely, home owners are constantly on the lookout for water preservation tips.

One of the thirstiest areas in the house is the lawn. Research states that almost 60 percent of the water spent in an average household is in the lawn. Therefore, the first step to reduce the burden of the water bills is to create a less thirsty lawn.

Is this possible? Can lawns ever be less thirsty?

The Expert Touch

Professional, smart landscape and hardscape companies in Los Angeles like Rain Forest LA can make this possible. Beautiful landscaping and hardscaping in the outdoor space coupled with lush green lawns beautify your homes to an extent which cannot be duplicated with anything else. Is a less thirsty lawn not equivalent to fall in the appeal of your outdoor space?

The good news is that you can preserve water and the outdoor appeal with drought-resistant landscapes and hardscapes.

Stone work done with gravel, decomposed granite and others not only enhances the design of the outdoor space, but also saves water. So, substitute your lawns with stone and masonry work designed by the experts of Rain Forest LA in a way to add to the appeal of your outdoor space. Despite adding to the appeal of the landscape, stones and gravel fail to substitute the beauty and organic elements associated with plants and trees. Drought resistant plants require minimum watering and can be coupled with stone work to create an aesthetically appealing “drought-resistant” landscape.

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