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Driving “Concrete”

Driving “Concrete”

Driveways are best when made with concrete and by the experts like Rainforest LA.

The beauty of landscaping is incomplete without Los Angeles hardscape. The addition of a driveway, a path amidst the greens or a stone wall in the corner adds elegance to the outdoor space. What’s more, when it is designed and created by the experts at Rain Forest LA, it turns into a landscape envied by many.

Concrete Driveways

Among the many elements of hardscaping, an important one is the creation of a driveway. Driveways are mostly made of asphalt or concrete. Of course, there are other options too like gravel and brick pavers, but concrete and asphalt are the common options.

However, if you were to make a choice, which one would, you prefer; concrete or asphalt?

Tricky question; right?

Here are a few pointers to help you make the right choice.


  • Although it is expensive, the durability of concrete driveways is significantly higher than those of asphalt. Concrete driveways last for 30 years, while asphalt ones last for twenty years.
  • Maintenance of concrete driveways is easier. A simple pressure wash can make it clean once again.
  • Thanks to its color, concrete remains cool even in the warm weather; so cool that you can walk barefoot over it.
  • Yes, driveways are built for the vehicles to run in and out of the gate smoothly. However, another purpose for a driveway is to add the elegance to your landscape. Concrete driveways are aesthetic and appealing.
  • A big benefit of concrete driveways is that they can be stained in a variety of colors. So, your driveway can transform into a color of your choice.
  • Since shoveling snow is not such a handsome task, it is important to understand that shoveling snow from a concrete surface is much easier than shoveling it from other surfaces.


Well; one thing you need to remember is that whatever the material, only experts can do this task with perfection.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact RainForestLA for the best hardscape design and the best-made driveway.

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