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Digging “Money” In The Lawn

Digging “Money” in the Lawn

While saving water, home owners can enjoy tax incentives on replacing water guzzling lawns with drought-resistant plants.

Lawns are the primary water guzzlers in every home. However, with the ever-increasing cost of water; thanks to the drought, water costs are pinching the pockets of most home owners. Moreover, the Government is also showing concerns about water-guzzling lawns; thanks to the severe drought conditions in California. To relieve both the parties from undue stress of water shortage, the Government has introduced a rebate program on replacing turf with drought-resistant plants and granite, pebbles and other hardscape designs. In a bid to use water wisely, Governor Brown had placed an executive order in April 2015 to reduce water usage, especially drinking water in California. Towards this, he has declared the replacement of 50 million square feet of turf with drought-tolerant landscapes. He has directed the water agency to implement this through various programs and also introduced a rebate program towards the implementation of residential turf removal.

However, the dilemma home owners now have is whether the rebate falls under the umbrella of taxable income or not. Well; there’s good news for all home owners. The rebate provided does not fall under “Taxable Income”. So, home owners can now work on Los Angeles landscape and do the required to save water, yet enjoy tax incentives on the same.

However, home owners would never want to compromise on the appeal of their outdoor space. They can therefore, hire the best landscaping services for turf removal and substitution of the same with smart designing ideas, involving the inclusion of hard scape designs and drought-resistant plants.

One such professional who will maintain the appeal of your landscape while removing turf is Rain Forest LA, the reputed landscaping company in LA. They boast of a highly efficient team, which can carry out all these with ease.

So, happy transformation with Rain Forest LA!  

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