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Choosing The Right Material For The Outdoor Patio

Choosing the Right Material for the Outdoor Patio

An outdoor patio not only adds appeal to the house, but also makes the perfect place to entertain guests as well as enjoy the bright sunshine on warm days. As it is subject to weather changes, using the right material is imperative.   

The bright, sunny, warm days that follow the long winter spell are loved and enjoyed by all. What could be better than an outdoor patio to spend the warm evenings sipping and eating in the much awaited sunshine? 

Building the Patio

Yes, it does demand a good chunk of investment. As building a home is a one-time investment, an additional investment that serves for a long term is healthy. Moreover, when created with the right material and expert team, it often lasts for almost one-fourth of a century. What’s more, an outdoor patio is a treat to the eyes of guests and passersby. 

Being an important Los Angeles hardscape element, the patio must be built diligently. Concrete, bricks, wood and others are mostly used to build patios. As patios are victims to varying weather conditions, the material must be chosen carefully. Wood, although alluring cannot stand the wrath of the weather.  Conversely, concrete and pavers are sturdy and less susceptible to different weather conditions. 

However, choosing one among them is often perplexing for homeowners. 

Concrete or Pavers 

So, here’s some information to do away with the dilemma. 

Building patios with concrete is more cost effective compared to pavers. However, the cost of maintenance and repairs often outweigh the initial savings. As pavers are smaller pieces of stones interlocked with each other in a zigzag manner, their hold is tighter and therefore, durable. Moreover, replacing a single or few damaged stones are much easier and cost effective compared to the replacement of an entire concrete sheet. Pavers are available in a variety of materials, designs and colors. It brings additional appeal to the outdoor space and can also be matched with the colors of the house. What’s more, the appearance of natural stones, bricks and others is matchless. It does glorify the outdoor space beyond imagination. 

However, pavers stand the test of time only when installed correctly. Experts at Rain Forest LA can build patios with perfection; thanks to their experience and expertise. 

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