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Choosing Landscaping Styles For Stucco Homes

Choosing Landscaping Styles for Stucco Homes

Stucco is an increasingly popular exterior building material that we’re seeing on more and more homes. It’s a versatile product that can really make your home have a distinctive look to it, and can also be painted in a variety of different colors. It tends to be most popular in areas with warm, dry weather, so it’s no surprise that stucco home landscaping tips in Los Angeles, CA are a hot topic—stucco is a very common choice here.

Landscaping that can highlight your stucco home is something that can really pull your entire property’s look together, and with that in mind our seasoned team is happy to give you some guidelines on landscaping choices to consider.

Dry landscaping maximizes sustainability

Since we’re no strangers to water shortages, you’d probably like to consider a form of dry landscaping when looking into landscaping tips for Spanish style homes in Los Angeles, CA. Dry landscaping involves using plants that can rely on natural supplies of water rather than any sort of irrigation or human-supplied water. This is a logical choice in Los Angeles since so many of our native plants fit these criteria anyway. Landscaping with native plants is a great choice because it reduces strain on the rest of the environment by using plants that have already adapted to exist within the area.

Cottage gardens

Another stucco home landscaping tip in Los Angeles, CA that you can consider is the beautiful “controlled chaos” of the Old-World cottage garden. It’s an informal garden that focuses on plants that are not just beautiful, but useful. You might grow herbs and spices and use this type of garden for actual food and cooking, rather than just a beautiful setting to enjoy with your eyes and your nose. A mild climate is suitable for this type of garden, and you might need to be prepared to supply a bit more water than you would prefer.

Modern tastes can vary

If you have a more modern home with a stucco exterior, your options can be a bit more varied. You probably want to focus on a style that complements the color of your stucco exterior, so consider that when you’re researching stucco home landscaping tips in Los Angeles, CA. Our team at RainforestLA, Inc. is a logical partner for helping you work out these critical design questions, but the basic principles stay the same. Bold contrasts with your house’s color are a great way to make the colors of the
landscaping really pop and draw attention to your home.

Working with the landscaping at a home with a stucco exterior can be a challenge, but it’s a great chance to use some new ideas. Our team has been in the business for years, so we have the skills and expertise to help you make the choices that can really make your home or business stand out from the pack. The neutrality of a lot of stucco colors can actually be one of its greatest assets, as everything is on the table for selecting contrasting colors that can really provide a pop.

For more information and tips, or to schedule a consultation, reach out to RainforestLA, Inc. today!

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