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All-Inclusive Landscaping

All-Inclusive Landscaping

If you are a home owner blessed with a splendid outdoor space, and are on the route to creating an appealing outdoor space, you must have certainly heard the terms “landscape”, “soft scape”, and “hard scape” more than once. You must have bumped into these words time and again, amidst a conversation with your contractor, while sifting through landscaping ideas on the Internet and so on.

So, what does each of these terms refer to and how do they differ?

Delving Deeper

Here’s an insight into these:

Landscape: Landscaping is an all inclusive term, which refers to the improvement of an outdoor space by including ornamental plants, lights, stone work and others.

Hardscape: Hard scape, on the other hand is an element of landscaping, which refers to the heavier parts of the landscape, which uses materials like stones, gravel etc. For instance: the concrete pathways, rocks and stone work included to beautify landscaping.

Softscape: Soft scape is also an element of landscaping which refers to the soft materials like soil, flowers, plants, shrubs etc.

Landscaping is complete and appealing with both hard scape and soft scape. The extent and style differs, depending on the design and owner’s preference. Professionally and diligently done hard scaping can take your landscape to an all-new level of elegance and appeal. A single rock placed in the right corner or a driveway designed differently with the right material adds to the glamour quotient of the outdoor space. All that is needed is professional hands like Rain Forest LA who can do it right in your outdoor space.

They specialize in a range of hard scape techniques and designs, which include varieties of material. They work hand in hand with you to bring out the best outdoor space in line with your budget and preferences.

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