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2015 Trends In Los Angeles Landscaping

2015 Trends in Los Angeles Landscaping


Designer-Pools-LA-1Los Angeles seems to be on the forefront of everything with its innovative technology, Hollywood premiers, entrepreneurial opportunities, and tourism niche. Trend-setting isn’t just a part of LA; it’s who we are. Los Angeles landscaping is no exception. 2015 is bringing changes in the world of landscaping, and as the best landscape company in LA, Rainforest LA is ready to help your home or business keep up with the trends.

Go Green- Literally

Gone are the days when people aimed for their backyards to have as much color as possible. Today’s trend puts a focus on color pops rather than on an explosion of color. The first step is creating a basic backdrop. Home owners and commercial locations should aim for healthy grass that will remain lush and green even during times of drought. Tall Fescue is a popular option for those serious about maintaining their Los Angeles landscape. The Tall Fescue is heat resistant and doesn’t require copious amounts of water. The best landscaping companies in LA know that green shrubbery is another way to create the desired green backdrop. Consider the Star Jasmine or the green strand of New Zealand Flax.

Color pops should feature no more than three colors. Be sure to choose colors that will complement your green grass and shrubs as well as each other. Warm colors and cool colors should stay together. Try a mixture of yellows, reds, and oranges. You can also mix blues and purples.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of…Water

The sound of water is found on any relaxation C.D. People spend time near the beach to relax. Create your own oasis in the comfort of your backyard. 2015 is the year for ponds, fountains, and even waterfalls. These additions to your landscape will complete the look of your backyard while providing a relaxing spot to curl up with a book, chat with friends over a drink, or just enjoy nature’s beauty flourishing around you.

Businesses should consider adding a small waterfall near the walkway. As customers and clients approach your building, they’ll be soothed by the running water. Surround the waterfall with small shrubs or low growing flowers to complete the look. Add one of these aquatic designs to your home or business, and you’re sure to have the best hardscape in Los Angeles.

Outdoor Entertainment


Many entertainment venues are utilizing outdoor spaces to accommodate patrons. Cool breezes on a summer night create the  perfect atmosphere for customers at a high-end bar to sip a margarita.  Restaurants often take advantage of outdoor seating as well to help move  traffic more quickly. These outdoor spaces need to have the same upscale  feel as their indoor counterparts. This can be accomplished easily by  adding small bunches of flowers or colorful plants in strategic locations. Tiny shrubs will also help add to the appeal of outdoor seating areas.

In decorating your outdoor space, keep these trends in Los Angeles landscape and hardscape in mind. Your business or home should look the best on the block. Rainforest LA is ready to create a contemporary and functional outdoor space for you.


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